Introducing Leading People

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Introducing Leading People
Leading People is a Podcast about how to bring out the best in yourself and others. It's founded on the principle of Self Leadership - a prerequisite for leading others.
In each episode you'll meet a leading thinker in the area of leadership, people development, neuroscience, psychology and beyond.
Our conversations centre around 3 core themes underpinning Self Leadership.
The first theme is Awareness. This embraces both self awareness, awareness of others and awareness of the world around us - in what is often referred to as the system. Emotional Intelligence is a key feature of this theme.
The second theme revolves around how we respond to our awareness. Playing on words we could call this our response ability or our ability to respond to our awareness. Our ability to respond comes down to our Mindset, which is our second theme.
It's ok being more aware and then wanting to respond or change. But, often we get stuck on the how to go about it. This is where the third theme of what I call Resources comes in. Resources encompass things such as patience, optimism, resilience. This also includes models and tools. And, of course, skills that come about when we combine behaviours, knowledge and mindset.
Our guests will share their research, insights and experience into all three areas and provide you with tips so you can test these out for yourself.
You can listen to podcasts anywhere or any time. Personally, I take them with me on walks and on car journeys. I'm sure you have your own favourite time and place for listening to your podcasts.
We bring you one episode every two weeks. So, please subscribe to this podcast to ensure that you receive updates on when new episodes land. It's available on all major Podcast channels. 
And, please tell your friends as this is how many people discover new podcasts.
Oh, and, if there's a particular author or leading thinker you'd like me to interview please get in touch or mention them in the comments and I'll do my best to get them on the show.
Gerry Murray

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