Large Organisations

Many of our larger clients decide to incorporate our tools into their existing programmes and processes. We provide training on how to use the tools and agree a level of global service support, and you're up and running. Easily integrate our Talent Management System into your existing HRM. Transparent pricing means you have complete control over your people investments. 

Small & Medium Organisations

Get a competitive advantage over larger organisations by attracting, hiring and developing top Talent. Integrate our tools into your existing HR approaches and add on our focused programmes as needed. Get your own Talent Management System for free and then pay-as-you-go. Transparent pricing means you have complete control over your people investments. 

Hire the Best

Performance Problems often start by hiring the wrong person for a specific role. This can be a very costly mistake! It mainly happens because most recruitment tools and practices cannot measure Talent Factors, only Eligibility requirements. Therefore, you're often relying solely on CVs and Interviews to identify the Right Person. This gives you about a 20% chance of getting it right! Our unique online Recruitment services not only measure 175 Talent Factors, they can also save you up to 70% of the time taken to successfully run a recruitment campaign. And, they enhance your Employer Brand


Performance Diagnostics

Unique analysis and a host of easy-to-understand reports that enable you to get to the root causes of both exceptional performance and underperformance at an individual, team and organisational level. Performance Benchmarking to understand what differentiates the high from the low performers. Engagement Analytics that go beyond traditional engagement surveys. Team Dynamics Analysis so teams can understand their strengths, blind spots and sources of conflict. Individual Development Plans tailored to the specific needs of each individual. And much more...

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Performance Programs

How do you create consistently exceptional performance? What happens when performance does not meet expectations? Underperformance is not really a problem - it's more a condition. Therefore, like any condition it can be prevented, diagnosed and treated. Our Performance Tools and Programs are designed to give your Leaders the necessary Performance Management skills and tools to address all performance needs. This also includes  Cultural Transformation where necessary. 

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Talent System

Easy-to-use automated software so you can manage your entire Talent Pipeline. Our Unique Job Matching capabilities enable you to ensure that you put the right people in the right jobs. It also enables you to address Engagement and Performance factors at the hiring stage so you can avoid costly mistakes. You can use the software to carry out your own Talent Analytics to ensure that your Development Budgets are well invested and your Succession Planning works. 

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"Wide Circle has helped change the way we think about and approach recruitment – with positive and immediate results. On top of this, the coaching and team building support for our existing team was very beneficial at an important point in the growth of our company."

Giles Keane
Partner, Acumen Public Affairs

"Wide Circle's CEO, Gerry Murray, is a sharp strategic person whose energy and creativity have proved an inspirational resource for team building activities at European Aluminium. He works fast, is reliable and discreet. I’m happy to recommend Gerry as a trusted adviser for coaching activities."

Gerd Goetz
Director General, European Aluminium

"Wide Circle CEO, Gerry Murray, is an engaging, lively, and thought-provoking trainer who really took the time to get to know us, both as a company and as individuals. He helped our people identify traits in their behaviour which affect their performance as well as how they are perceived in the working environment. We very much enjoyed his sessions, both as a group and one-to-one, and they were great for bolstering our teamwork. "

Russell Patten
CEO, Grayling Brussels

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