We are licensed providers for several leading-edge accreditations that can transform your performance. We are highly focused on learning transfer so you get a tangible return on your investment. Our seminars are designed for maximum interaction, engagement and fun. They are integrated into blended learning solutions and can be tailored to your specific needs. 


Collaboration Culture

Become certified in the 5 key skills of Radical Collaboration. This programme is based on extensive research into the dynamics of effective collaboration. It forms the foundation of creating a stronger collaboration culture, building effective teams and reducing conflict in organisations


Accreditation Training

Blended learning Certification Training for HR and Managers in the Harrison Talent Solutions tools. Covers the entire Talent Life Cycle: Recruitment, Engagement, Development, Workforce and Succession Planning. Special focus on how to use Predictive Talent Analytics to improve decision-making


Personalised Learning

A unique and personalised approach to Leadership Development. It includes assessment, coaching, mentoring, online tools and seminars. Each Leader has the programme tailored to his/her individual development needs. There is a specific emphasis on Self Leadership and Emotional Intelligence


We are Certified Transfer Effectiveness Designers

The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness are the quintessence of training transfer research for HR practice. Scientifically speaking, they are the significant determinants of learning transfer success. In practical terms, with these levers we can control the effectiveness of your training. 

The 12 levers show you what is important and therefore build a basis for systematic and compatible transfer management – a solid scientific basis, proven in practice.

We guarantee that what is learned on our trainings can be easily applied in the workplace. 


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Each organisation's culture and needs are different. Our programmes are customisable, modular and scalable. We'd be happy to show you how it works.


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