About Us

Gerry Murray founded Wide Circle in 2003. Today, we're a leading provider of Performance Diagnostics, Tools & Programs for individuals, teams and organisations. 

Why is performance so important? 

Your success both personally and as an organisation depends on it. 

However, you're only ever as good as your next performance. So, you need ways to create and sustain high levels of performance over time. 

Lack of Engagement and Underperformance have serious consequences in today's highly competitive world. 

What do we offer you?

  • Performance Diagnostics Tools
  • Performance Programmes
  • Talent Management System

We provide services across the entire Talent Pipeline:

  • Acquisition
  • On-boarding
  • Engagement
  • Development
  • Restructuring
  • Succession

Who is this for?

Managers and leaders who want high levels of performance. People tend to follow people who are a role model for excellence! 

How do we do this? 

We apply a 3-Step process:

  1. Diagnose the root cause of any performance issues
  2. Design a programme appropriate for you
  3. Deliver the programme

Apart from advice, coaching and workshop design and facilitation, we offer you a range of online tools to support your programs. 

Learning on demand is becoming the preferred way to design and deliver learning and development programs. Our programs are structured so you can interact with them on the go, 24/7. 

They are practical programs using tools, tips and techniques that have worked time and time again for thousands of people. 

We use a full range of media: video, audio, screencasts, worksheets, workbooks, quizzes, etc... so you can have a versatile and varied learning experience all from your mobile device, laptop or computer. 

And you can leave comments and ask questions - all part of the service. 

These tools can be customised with your branding. 

What if you decide to work with us? 

You'll begin to notice the difference immediately. 

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