About Us

Gerry Murray founded Wide Circle in 2003. Today, we're a leading provider of Performance Diagnostics Tools & Talent Performance Programs for individuals, teams and organisations. 

We can save you lots of time and money!

What we offer you

  • Recruitment Automation
  • Performance Diagnostics Tools
  • Engagement & Performance Programmes
  • Assessment Centres
  • Talent Management System

We provide services across the entire Talent Pipeline:

  • Acquisition
  • On-boarding
  • Engagement
  • Development
  • Restructuring
  • Succession

Who is this for?

Managers and leaders who want high levels of performance. People tend to follow people who are a role model for excellence! 

Apart from advice, coaching and workshop design and facilitation, we offer you a range of online tools to support your programs. 

What if you decide to work with us? 

You'll begin to notice the difference immediately. 

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t: +32 476 417 606


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