How to Bring out the Best in Yourself and Others

In this inspiring interview, Gerry had the privilege of speaking with Paula King, the CEO of Kingstown College, a successful coaching company and training provider in Europe. Paula shared her journey into the world of coaching and the impact it had on her life and career. She stressed the importance of having a mentor and continuously learning and growing as a coach.

Paula's background in financial services and her interest in psychology and counselling eventually led her to the transformative experience of coaching. She became passionate about coach education and has since trained thousands of coaches. She emphasized that coaching training is not just about learning tools and techniques; it involves deep self-reflection and personal growth.

Her recent book, "Becoming a Master Coach," serves as a comprehensive resource for coaches, providing them with various tools and techniques across different coaching approaches. Paula believes that continuous learning and reflective practice are essential qualities that make a great coach.

The interview touched on the concept of striving for mastery in coaching. Paula expressed that coaching is about working with individual human beings, and every client is unique, presenting new challenges and opportunities to learn. Striving for mastery allows coaches to become the best versions of themselves and provide the best support for their clients. 

As coaching gains recognition globally, Paula mentioned the growing opportunities in the coaching industry, especially in organizations where coaching is used to improve leadership and management skills. Joining coaching organizations and being part of an international community can provide recognition and support for professional coaches. However, Paula also highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial skills for coaches looking to establish their own successful coaching businesses.

The conversation then delved into the distinction between life coaching and executive coaching. Despite the labels, both types of coaching involve understanding the whole person and how their personal and professional lives intersect. Authentic leadership and vulnerability were emphasized as crucial elements in building meaningful connections in the workplace.

The interview also explored the issue of burnout among leaders and the need for organizations to prioritize their leaders' well-being. Paula highlighted the importance of emotional well-being and open dialogue within organizations. Taking care of emotions is crucial for individuals' performance and ability to address serious questions effectively. 

The importance of purpose and prioritization in coaching and leadership was discussed as well. Gerry emphasized the need to focus on the most crucial tasks and outcomes, asking oneself, "What is important now?"  

Triple-loop learning, which challenges who we are as individuals, was also mentioned as a powerful approach to personal growth.

In the final part of the interview, Paula offered valuable advice for those interested in coaching. Having a coach can help individuals pause, reflect, and listen to themselves, and aspiring coaches are encouraged to choose accredited programs with knowledgeable trainers.

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