How to Change their Mind

In this episode of Leading People, negotiation expert Simon Horton shares valuable insights on the art of ethical persuasion and effective negotiation. Horton introduces his six-step process, which has been utilized by hostage negotiators, addiction therapists, and even billionaires to change minds and achieve desired outcomes.

Horton's book, "Change Their Mind: Six Steps to Persuade Anyone Anytime," serves as a practical guide for applying his strategies in various scenarios. From negotiating a salary increase to convincing your kids to clean up their toys, Horton's approach emphasizes building enduring relationships while achieving the desired outcome.

The episode dives into the realm of negotiation strategies, highlighting the importance of ambition, research, and active listening. Horton shares the story of a billionaire who exemplifies ambition in seizing opportunities for mutual benefits in deals. He emphasizes the value of doing thorough research to understand your counterpart and the significance of active listening in establishing trust and meaningful conversations.

Ethical persuasion and effective communication are also explored in depth. Horton discusses the seven ways to ensure better ethics when communicating with others, emphasizing the importance of considering the other person's benefit and being open about your intentions. He also addresses the fundamental attribution error and the role of framing messages in ethical persuasion.

Throughout the episode, Horton emphasizes the need for versatility and preparation in achieving ambitious outcomes. He highlights the power of ethical influencing in building strong relationships and improving every aspect of life. By adopting an authentic approach to persuasion, individuals can create win-win situations and avoid the negative consequences of manipulative tactics.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the art of ethical persuasion and negotiation. Horton's expertise and practical tips offer a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to master these skills and achieve their goals. By incorporating his strategies into daily life, listeners can become more effective influencers and negotiators, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfilment. 

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