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How do you hire the best person for a role each and every time?

recruitment Jul 13, 2018
In this post I’m going to outline how to consistently hire the best person for any role. 

Warning: this process can save you a lot of time and money!

Why is this important? 

Because traditional approaches such as asking for CVs and Cover Letters and then manually screening these and carrying out interviews is only at best 20% reliable. It’s largely a risky guessing game in disguise! 
And, it’s hugely time consuming! 
In the past few months I’ve also heard so much about how current recruitment processes aren’t working, from panel interviews that display Unconscious Bias to putting the wrong person in the wrong job so they end up failing or at best suffering, with many reputations ruined along the way. The list of woes goes on and on… 
Despite the introduction of sexy web-based tools, the underlying processes being used by many organisations are deeply flawed and are contributing to and exacerbating the...
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What do Great Managers Do - Part 1?

recruitment Jul 13, 2018

“Our research yielded many discoveries, but the most powerful was this: Talented employees need great managers.” - Gallup

Over 1 million people took part in this ground-breaking Gallup research. Managers are the catalyst for engagement and performance in an organisation. People don’t leave organisations - they leave their boss!

So, what do great managers actually do? 

In this post I’ll focus on the first key activity. To make it easy to understand I’ll present the “conventional wisdom” approach and then the distinction that great managers make. Then I’ll provide some tips/tools for how to enhance your approach. If you’re not a manager but being managed then what I reveal here will give you a yardstick for judging your managers. 

Key #1. They Select the Right People

“Often, organisations approach selecting frontline supervisors, team leads or first-time managers with less strategy than rolling dice in Las...

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