How to Build Organisational Success Through People

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How to Build Organisational Success Through People

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In this episode, I chat with author and communications expert Sheila Parry about her new book:

Take Pride - How to Build Organisational Success Through People

While the concept of being proud of our work is something that many people can identify with, PRIDE is actually a mnemonic for a framework that Sheila developed over many years of working with organisations, running her own successful Internal Communications agency (The Blue Ballroom) and carrying out independent research.

Do they know who you are?

This is a core sentiment running through our conversation and Sheila expands upon it from different perspectives. She provides insights, examples and tips that both leaders and followers can use to better understand and improve their experiences at work.

In particular, leaders can learn more about the impact they have on the experiences of their people and why communicating effectively is not an event but a continuous journey. For employees in general Sheila provides lots of food for thought about the meaning of work in today's hectic digital age. And, she's got some sound advice for HR Professionals too.

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