Why you need both Inner & Outer Leadership to Succeed

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Why you need both Inner & Outer Leadership to Succeed

In this episode, I caught up with author and Master Trainer of NLP, David Shephard. We covered a lot in our conversation with the central theme being understanding Inner and Outer Leadership and why this has become so important in a post-Covid era. 

He also reveals what he believes to be the ultimate life skill

If you've been thinking of going on a Leadership skills course then you might want to listen to this podcast first. If you're currently struggling with life or work's challenges you'll also get a lot out of what David has to say. Even, if you're a parent, there's something in this for you. And, as a successful entrepreneur, David has some sound advice for anyone who thinks it might be time to rethink or reimagine their career...

David is the co-author of the book Presenting Magically and runs excellent training courses including one called Presenting Magically, which contains all the secrets of the top Keynote presenters.

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