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Expert Team

We're a team of Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Psychologists, Recruiters and Talent Analytics experts covering the entire Talent Life Cycle

Recruitment, Onboarding, Engagement, Employee Development, Team Dynamics, Rotation, Succession Planning & Leadership Development and Outplacement

We have experience in designing and delivering programmes in Talent Acquisition, Leadership/Management, Executive Coaching, Change Management and Career Counseling. Our team is versatile in Blended Learning techniques and applying the latest Neuroscience to guide you and your organisation to higher levels of Productivity and Performance. 

Leadership Team

Gerry Murray

Gerry is the Founder and CEO of Wide Circle Performance Solutions.

He has spent most of his career working with and advising Senior Leaders in a wide range of international organisations. He believes the future of Talent Management lies in the...


Padraig O'Connor

Padraig is Client Services Director at Wide Circle Performance Solutions.

He is a coach, mentor and training consultant who has helped thousands of individuals transform their... 


Senior Advisors

Rick Tate

Rick is an internationally recognized expert on leadership and management development, performance management, and customer loyalty strategies. He is considered a leading expert in the use of Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions and...


Julie White, Ph.D.

Julie provides skills and techniques that participants can put to work immediately - in their professional and personal lives. She is considered a leading expert in the use of Harrison Assessment Solutions and...


Consultants - Coaches - Trainers

Gerry Murray

Padraig O'Connor

Etienne Verhasselt

Geertje Achterberg

Rob Bigge

Malou Laureys

David Klaasen

Els Liesenborgs

Sam Lunow

Trudy Tanner

Anastasiia Levdikova

Helen Dunnett

Laurence Whelehan

Dora Giorgianni

This could be you

If you'd like to join our team please contact us for an initial chat.

This could be you

If you'd like to join our team please contact us for an initial chat.

Learn how you too can be a pioneer in the field of Talent Management

We're looking for experienced Recruiters, Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches and HR Consultants who want to make a real difference to people's lives. You're someone who is not content with the status quo and you want to deliver innovative solutions to your clients. 

You're passionate about people achieving their full potential...


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