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Gerry Murray

Gerry founded Wide Circle in 2003. He has spent most of his career working with and advising Senior Leaders in a wide range of organisations. He believes the future of Talent Management lies in the quality of the data that managers have to make informed people decisions about: recruitment, development, engagement and succession planning.  

Gerry holds an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School. He is certified as a Public Trainer for Harrison Talent Solutions, a Trainer of Radical Collaboration, a Master Coach and NLP Trainer. He is also a certified Practitioner of Brain and Behaviour Change and Applied Neuroscience. 

As an internationally acclaimed musician he brings his knowledge of performance on the big stage into organisations. 

In his spare time Gerry likes to jog and walk to stay fit. He also practices yoga and mindfulness. 

Els Liesenborgs

Els is an expert in coaching individuals and teams to uncover their strengths, competencies and engagement factors that contribute to organisational success. She believes in empowering people to fulfil their greatest potential. 

Els holds a Masters Degree in Marketing. She is also certified as a Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant and is one of Harrison's Quality Assurance Global Assessors. Els is also an Associated Certified Meta-Coach. In addition, Els is qualified in Stress and Burn-Out Coaching. An accomplished facilitator and trainer, she teaches a regular coaching course in Flanders, Belgium. 

Els is the author of the book

"Living Inside Out".

In her spare time Els likes to do crosswords, write, read, travel and meet new people. She is currently learning Italian. 

Rob Bigge

Rob is an expert in Leadership and Management development and how to get the best out of teams. He is passionate about developing teams and organisations that unleash the full energy and potential of their people. 
He co-founded and managed one of the leading training firms in Brussels, which he eventually sold. 
Rob holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering. He is certified as a Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant and as a Trainer of Radical Collaboration. He also holds certifications in VIEW Creative Styles, SOQ Organisational Climate Assessment, Open University MBA module on Creativity, Innovation and Change and Managing the Company of the Future from the University of London. He is also an NLP Practitioner. 
In his spare time Rob plays guitar, likes to walk and cycle. He also practices Mindfulness.

Sharon Miller

Sharon is a Talent Acquisition and Assessment Centre expert. This has involved inputting into the final selection decision for recruitment, modern assessment centre design, competency framework development and behavioural interviewing.

She is passionate about helping organisations and the people in them achieve their potential. Since graduating with an Masters in Business Studies in Human Resources Management in 1990, Sharon has been involved in the design and delivery of close to 500 different assessment centre processes, many at the senior executive level. Her experience spans both the private and public sector.

Etienne Verhasselt

Etienne is an expert in Leadership and Management Development, training Sales People and in teaching excellence in human communication. He is passionate about creating development paths for meaningful and enjoyable work that leads to high performance. 

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. Apart from being a certified Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant, he holds certifications: Sales Training (Eric Krauthammer), NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Certified Coach, Associated Certified Meta-Coach and is registered in the International Registry of Meta-Profile Analysis Professionals. He has also trained in Radical Collaboration. 

In his spare time Etienne enjoys spey casting (fly fishing), Jazz and Pilates.

Geertje Achterberg

Geertje is a Recruitment and International Talent Management expert. She is passionate about helping people discover what they really want from their careers. And working with organisations to find out what their employees really can do and what they need to do to fully contribute to their success. She also works with organisations to create a more collaborative environment where everyone can thrive. 

Geertje has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She is also a Certified Harrison Assessments Solutions Partner and a Certified Trainer for Radical Collaboration.

Her experience includes being Head of Talent Management and a HR Business Partner in a big international corporation.

Geertje is fascinated by different cultures and in her spare time likes to travel the world. She also practices Pilates and enjoys Gardening,


Malou Laureys

Malou combines specialised skills in Executive Coaching, Training, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Self-Leadership to create results for her clients.

Malou is passionate about inspiring leaders and their teams to create positive human environments that are open, accountable, collaborative and where people enjoy giving the best of themselves.

Malou holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, an MBA from Vlerick Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She is certified as: a Trainer of Radical Collaboration and as a Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant. She’s also certified in several coaching and training techniques including Coaching for Transformation, the Human Element and Voice Dialogue. 

Germaine Rediger

Germaine is an expert in Executive Coaching and on how to prevent Burn-Out in organisations. She is passionate about helping her clients increase "performance" while making a BIG difference in peoples life so that they can experience more fulfilment and joy leading to a willingness to do more with their natural talents.

Germaine is a Certified Harrison Talent Solutions Consultant. She also holds certifications as a Master Trainer of NLP & Neuro-Semantics and as a an Associated Certified Meta-Coach. 

Germaine is President of the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF International) and Regional Director of the MCF in Belgium,  She is also Director of the European Neuro-Semantic Institute.



David Klaasen

David is an expert in helping leaders and managers to understand their people so they in turn enjoy their work and give their discretionary effort. 
He helps organisations achieve success by clarifying what success looks like and then providing the structure, support and accountability they need to achieve results. This involves helping business leaders clarify complexity and drive performance throughout their organisations. 
David has been practising Mindfulness for over 40 years and he helps clients understand the power of this approach to life and work. 
David is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a Certified Harrison Assessment Public Trainer. He also has a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and is a certified NLP Master Practitioner.
In his spare time you can find David whizzing down the ski slopes or scuba-diving. He also enjoys making videos, meditation and yoga. 

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If you'd like to join our team please contact us for an initial chat.

This could be you

If you'd like to join our team please contact us for an initial chat.

This could be you

If you'd like to join our team please contact us for an initial chat.

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