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The organisations of the 20th Century were not built for the challenges of the 21st Century - the world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). Many Executives know that they must change their organisations. However, they face many challenges such as balancing the Paradox of Change and Stability. There is a risk in getting it wrong. 

Our tools and services are designed to help reduce that risk and assure the results you desire. Our Team of Experts will support you to get it right.

How do you measure your Cultural DNA?

Peter Drucker once said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast"! Anyone can copy your product or service but not your Culture. Do you know what makes your Culture distinctive? Do you know how to consistently replicate successful aspects of your Culture? Do you know how to change unsuccessful aspects of your Culture? What specific Values and Behaviours drive your Culture? How does your Culture behave under stress or crisis?  


How do you improve your Talent Management?

Your Talent Management strategy can be greatly enhanced with a system that enables you to smoothly manage your entire Talent Life Cycle. Our online system provides you with essential Talent Analytics so you can consistently make the best Talent Decisions for your organisation. 

Our Talent Solutions save you time and money


How do you Attract Top Talent?

Top Talent is attracted to Top Brands and they usually have many employment options. Your Employer Brand and Reputation is on the line every time you run a recruitment campaign. Poor management of the Candidate Journey cost one company €5 million per annum. 

We help you avoid this happening to you  


How do you Hire the Best? 

Once you've attracted Top Talent you then need to process their applications effectively and efficiently. Take too long and the best candidates have accepted another offer. Screening people OUT means you can miss the most suitable candidates. Screening IN improves your chances of Hiring the Best person for the job. 

We help you reduce time to hire by 80%


How do you Engage your People?

Engagement drives productivity. Research shows that people leave their manager, not your organisation. Employee Surveys rarely lead to an improvement in Engagement. There's a very good reason for why this is so. 

Our Engagement Tools solve this problem for you


How do you Build a Highly Collaborative Culture? 

Organisations live or die on relationships. Your ability to create successful collaborative relationships can make or break your career. Effective executives have one skill in common—collaborative influence—the ability to get things done by getting people to collaborate and building strong collaborative networks.

Our Radical Collaboration programme will Transform your Culture



How do you Create High Performing Teams?

Teams can look great on paper but never reach their potential on the field of play. They can experience frustrations leading to conflict and this makes matters worse. There's a way to prevent this from happening. 

Our Team Development Programmes create High Performing Teams


How do you deal with Underperformance? 

Performance Management is a key part of a Manager's job. With the right skills underperformance can be prevented. When it does occur Managers need to know how to deal with it . 

We teach managers the Performance Management skills they need


How do you prepare People for their next Leadership role?

Putting the wrong person in a Leadership role can spell disaster for your organisation. Ensuring they have the Leadership Competencies and Emotional Intelligence to lead others is a pre-requisite for creating Bench Strength. 

We provide the Succession Planning tools to get this right


How do Talent Analytics work?

Our Talent Analytics dashboards and reports are powered by the Harrison Assessment™ that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Over 175 Talent Factors are analysed to produce easy to read reports. The data analysis can be fully customised to your precise needs, including benchmarking those factors that distinguish high performers from others. 


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