How does a leading CEO make great people decisions? 

Adam Goldenberg, CEO of Just Fab, uses the Harrison Talent Analytics tools to make better people and leadership decisions. Here he explains why you should too...

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How Harrison changed the game for this company

Tek Systems was able to successfully transform its approach to developing its people using the Harrison tools. Chief Learning Officer, Chris Harry explains why they wanted a partner with predictive analytics capability and why they chose Harrison. He outlines how the company assessed, trained and coached 7,000 of its staff using the Harrison tools. This enabled them to ensure that their people were in the right roles for each individual, that development paths were aligned with the aspirations of each employee, and how each employee could be the best that they could be within their role. 

The company used the Harrison tools to define its Learning & Development needs. They found that it provided exceptional insights for its Leaders and all employees. 


Effective Performance Management Requires Paradoxical Leadership Skills

Factors that interfere with high levels of performance need to be identified and dealt with early and often. Download this White Paper - Self-Defeating Behaviours that Kill Good Work - to learn how the Harrison Paradoxes can help your managers develop their Paradoxical Leadership skills. 

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