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We believe so strongly in our Talent Analytics Tools that we offer you the chance to test them free of charge


"Talent is a recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour that can be productively applied."

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Our Case Studies and White Papers explain how our Talent Analytics tools help you make better decisions.

Are you a Trusted Advisor?

Be a trusted HR Advisor by providing Managers with the right insights at the right time
Get a reputation as the go-to HR person for data-driven objective Talent advice
Build your credibility as a HR professional by providing Managers with meaningful and reliable analysis that improves Talent decision making
Leverage data that enables you to accurately predict future employee performance
Avoid the trap of costly HR systems that don't get used or just reinforce ineffective techniques
Innovate to create value and reduce costs

One Assessment, Multiple Perspectives

Our Talent Analytics dashboards and reports are powered by the Harrison Assessment™ that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Over 175 Talent Factors are analysed to produce easy to read reports. The data analysis can be fully customised to your precise needs, including benchmarking those factors that distinguish high performers from others. 


Talent Acquisition

Avoid costly mistakes. Hire the best candidates using Talent Acquisition Analytics. Reduce screening, short-listing and processing time by up to 80%

Talent Development

Use Talent Development Analytics to identify strengths and weaknesses of Individuals and Teams. Profit from actionable Development Plans that make a difference

Succession Planning

Easily identify suitable candidates from within your Talent Pool. Ensure that your High Potentials are ready for the next step with Succession Planning Analytics

Engagement & Performance

Identify causes of low engagement and underperformance with Performance Analytics. Engage and retain your top performers 

Cultural Transformation

Advanced data analytics enable you to make informed decisions about change programmes to reduce the risk of failure. Map your corporate values and much more...

Sales Force

Do you have the best sales people to grow your business? Benchmark and model what differentiates your high performers from the rest. Use this info to hire the best 

Test our Tools for Free

We believe so strongly in our Talent Analytics Tools that we offer you the chance to test them free of charge


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