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Recruitment made easier

Why wade through hundreds of CVs when you can have Eligibility and Suitability screening done automatically for you? You get a shortlist of the best candidates, all at the click of a mouse and a fraction of the cost of existing methods. 


Unlimited Screening at a Fixed Price

Screen as many applicants as you like for an unbeatable fixed price per month. JobFlix ranks the top candidates for you. Therefore, you only need to focus your time and energy on the shortlist. Everyone automatically gets a Your Greatest Strengths report, thereby boosting your Employer Brand. JobFlix notifies unsuccessful candidates for you at the click of a mouse.


JobFlix utilises Harrison Assessments methodology which measures up to 175 relevant factors that predict job success, and help facilitate employee engagement and retention.

Time Saving

JobFlix saves organisations up to 70% administration time and significantly reduces time-to-hire. You get to recruit higher quality candidates, faster. 

Talent Management

JobFlix helps organisations hire, engage, develop and retain top talent, and build high performing teams. 

How it Works

Boost Your Employer Brand

Candidates who are not successful may one day become your customer. Leave a positive impression on them about your Brand.

How to Find Talented People

You cannot identify Talent from CVs, Interviews and Personality Tests alone. You need to screen for both Eligibility and Suitability against a Job Success Formula. This gives you a Job Success Analysis of Fit for a specific Job. 

Eligibility Assessment

Completely customised to meet the needs of your job requirements. Finding the perfect fit begins with the candidate being eligible to apply for the job: having the necessary qualifications, job experience, job skills and education. All these aspects are analysed and scored, producing an accurate level of the applicant’s eligibility.

Suitability Assessment

An extensive job specific employment assessment that measures attitudes, motivations, work values, engagement and retention factors, interpersonal skills and how a candidate behaves under stress. The 6500 assessment formulas are based on 30 years of performance research and can be completely customised according to the job requirements. They can also be customised to measure any system of behavioral competencies providing an invaluable tool for developing or screening for Talent.

Harrison Assessments

  • One Questionnaire that is work-focused
  • Measures 175 work-related Factors
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to complete
  • Assesses both Eligibility and Suitability
  • Option to add Quantitative Critical Thinking test
  • Measures Engagement and Retention at the point of hiring
  • On-line dashboard for fast results
  • 6500 research-based Job Success Formula templates
  • Predictive of Performance in a specific job
  • Multiple reports that are job specific, numerically quantified and easy to understand
  • Interview Guides to eliminate Unconscious Bias
  • Ability to integrate other test scores
  • Detects and prevents any attempt to cheat
  • Entirely customisable to your hiring criteria and culture

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