How do you Attract Top Talent?


"Nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience, and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly." ~ CareerArc

Is the Candidate Experience costing you a fortune? 

Many job applicants are your customers. Or, one day they may decide whether to buy your products or services. How you treat them before, during and after the job application process will affect their perception of your brand. A bad Candidate experience cost one company over €5 million!

We help you avoid this happening  

Create a Candidate Journey that enhances your Brand

In a tight labour market it's better to screen candidates IN than OUT when looking for Talent. This requires a new way of thinking and tools that enable you to do this easily, quickly and cost-effectively. 

We provide you with these tools


People want to know what is expected of them. You want to ensure that your people deliver high performance. Creating achievable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the essential first step in getting the match right. 

We help you define the KPIs for your jobs 


A Job Success Formula (JSF) based on what separates High from Low Performers in a specific job gives you the online template against which you can easily screen all applicants. The JSF is driven by your KPIs for the job.  

We build JSFs for you

Job Advert

A Job Advert is not a job description. It is your way to attract and compete for Top Talent. It must persuade talented people to apply to your organisation. It is an expression of your Employer Brand. 

We write Job Adverts for you

"Having gone through the lengthy interview process at many different companies and been treated so poorly, I now know where I don’t want to work and the companies where I won’t buy their products. It’s truly shocking at the lack of respect for job candidates these days."

Source: Forbes

"I spent three hours customizing my resume for the job opportunity and writing my cover letter. Then it took me over an hour to trudge through the online application process. I couldn’t believe how difficult they made it."

Source: Forbes

"After applying online, I received an auto-generated email that looked like it had been written by a robot. A robot with terrible grammar and poor spelling, I should add."

Source: Forbes

"The recruiter scheduled a telephone interview, then never called. After I emailed him, he rescheduled twice and blew me off two more times. You can be sure I’ll never consider that company for employment again and I can’t wait to share my thoughts in a Glassdoor review."

Source: Forbes

"My telephone screening interview was with a 23-year old recruiter. I’m in my 50s and the position was an executive-level job. The recruiter wasn’t even able to answer the most basic questions about the company or the job."

Source: Forbes

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