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Each tweet you post on Twitter is restricted to 140 characters – but what do you do if you need more? There are a few possibilities:

Expand your tweet
If you have more on your mind than you can squeeze into a 140 character message you could

  • Use a service that allows you to expand you tweets, e.g. TwitLonger
  • Use multiple tweets to finish your message.

Keep in mind that your followers have to be somewhat determined to follow up ‘part 2’ of your message. Remember that tweets arrive in real time and your second tweet may have several other tweets squeezed in between the first and the second part of your message. Rather than scanning your tweet with a quick look your readers will have to invest some effort in reading the full story by either finding your follow up tweet or by clicking the link finishing your message.

So before using this method always ask yourself: how many of my followers will really do that?

Link to your blog
A blog allows exploring a certain topic in depth as posts are not restricted in length. This is also a great way of connecting social media platforms and increasing traffic on your blog.

If you don’t have your own blog yet, create your own blog on one of the numerous sites that offer blogs for free (e.g.):

If you want to ensure your blog is associated with your existing website it might be a good idea to incorporate your blog into your URL, either as a sub-domain ( or as a folder (

This method still requires you to come up with interesting tweets that will draw your readers into checking out your full blog post, which brings us to the next option…

Re-write your tweet
This might be the method that needs most initial practice, but it’s surely worth it. From your own experience you know that reading a message of 140 characters does not demand a lot as it’s that kind of length that can be quickly scanned and ideally gives something to think about further. Learn to think and express yourself like an advertising copywriter and think of tweeting like writing attention grabbing headlines for your blog posts. In order to convey a message and attract attention in 140 characters you have to make your tweet as punchy as possible and be right down to the point.

Here are some great sources that will help you to in you creating interesting content in 140 characters:

Each of these methods has its advantages and it depends on you and what you want to achieve with your post, which way is the best to go. With some Wide Thinking for a Changeyou’ll be able to adapt your writing and express your messages in the best possible way.

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Tuesday 20 September 2011

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